The Honest Company

For building a brand parents can trust

Jessica Alba
Los Angeles, CA
Consumer Products & Services

Twenty-seven and pregnant with her first child, Jessica Alba had an allergic reaction to a product her mother recommended and that was marketed for use on babies. The reaction sparked memories of a childhood plagued by illnesses that included allergies, asthma, and several bouts of pneumonia. "It sort of dawned on me that I was going to bring a little person into the world, and what if she was going to have the same health issues as I did? That was terrifying to me," says Alba.

She began her research into the ingredients of everyday products that could cause reactions, and how these products could be linked to health problems.

After an attempt at lobbying for regulatory reform, and after three years of people telling her that there was no way she could create this business, Alba started Honest Company, inspired by her daughter Honor. Honest began with 17 products including home cleaning products, personal care products, and baby products. Now the company has close to a hundred products in various categories and is sold through large chains such as Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger.

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