For talking about -- and taking on -- the vaginal health problems much of medicine would rather ignore

Founder and CEO
Colette Courtion
Seattle, WA

Colette Courtion knew that pelvic floor rejuvenation might not resonate with investors, who are mostly guys. After she got pregnant, her friends said that after having the baby she might pee every time she jumped up and down. Courtion was galled at the pervasiveness of postpartum incontinence the and the lack of options for fixing it.

Prior to founding Seattle-based Joylux in 2014, Courtion was CEO of JeNu, which sells ultrasonic and light therapy devices to fight wrinkles and founded Calidora Skin Clinics, now owned by SkinSpirit. Before that, she was a marketing executive at Starbucks and financial analyst at PepsiCo. Courtion thought: why not bring skin rejuvenation technology to the pelvic floor?

She helped to create an FDA-approved device called vFit that increases blood flow to the vagina and surrounding areas to improve lubrication and fight incontinence. Raising money was as tough as you might expect. “For every yes, I heard 100 no’s. But I just kept at it,” she says. Last year, Joylux raised $7 million with investors such as Gingerbread Capital and Alliance of Angels. It also got the Gwyneth Paltrow seal of approval, as Vfit became available on Goop. – Gabrielle Bienasz

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