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Co-founder and CEO
Carolyn Witte
San Francisco, CA

In her early 20s, Carloyn Witte she had set of frustrating healthcare issues that showed her just how depersonalized and fragmented our healthcare system has become. That experience became the inspiration for Tia, which is a reimagining of what healthcare would be like, work like, and feel like if it were designed with women at the heart of it.

Tia started as a digital platform with a pre- and post-doctor's office tool, and has evolved into something more comprehensive. Last year, Tia launched its first physical clinic in New York, which now includes 15 physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, therapists, and other treatment providers. The shelter-in-place order forced the clinic to close its doors, but Tia very quickly pivoted into telehealth and virtual services. Witte's goal is to eventually open offices in other cities around the country, delivering integrated women's healthcare that includes gynecology, primary care, behavioral health, and acupuncture.

Despite recently raising $24 million, Witte says funding is secondary to creating the right product. "Female founders and getting funded is very much in the spotlight right now for a good reason, but I think sometimes there's a little bit too much focus on the raising money part and not enough focus on building a product and getting product-market fit.” That fit, she says, is “the best thing women can do to get funded."

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