Camp Gladiator

For hiring, and hiring some more, through the pandemic

Co-founder and co-CEO
Ally Davidson
Austin, TX
Consumer Products & Services

“The whole world changed in March,” says Camp Gladiator co-founder and co-CEO Ally Davidson, who started the Austin-based workout-bootcamp company with her husband, Jeff, 12 years ago. CG has long differentiated its classes from the competition by emphasizing the community that builds among members who work out together. With classes moving online, virtually overnight, at the onset of the pandemic, Ally and her team had to scramble not only to build satisfying digital workouts but also to maintain that sense of community.

Not only did the team build a successful new virtual product, but CG recruited 20,000 new members while retaining 97 percent of its existing customers. As the company’s head of product, Ally led the reinvention sprint internally as well as with customers: While in the third trimester of her pregnancy, she led 20 live online workouts. The most popular one had 315,000 views. With two other young children at home in addition to the newborn, Ally says her year “has involved a lot of juggling—making sure you’re prioritizing the right things.”

She didn’t develop that balancing act naturally—it’s been a process over years that’s involved myriad executive coaching sessions and frequently seeking counsel from other CEOs and founders. The latter has been especially important. “It can get lonely at the top,” Ally says, “but other CEOs understand that and can give you really great feedback, even if they’re in totally different industries.” – Tom Foster

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