Does a beautiful office help a company achieve fast growth, or does growing fast pave the way for a beautiful office? There might be no easy answer. But one thing is for sure: The following companies check both boxes. Here are some companies that earned spots on the 2019 Inc. 5000--an annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.--and also have great digs.

Anchor Worldwide

2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 16 | Three-year growth: 9,753%
2018 revenue: $10.7M | Location: New York City

CREDIT: Courtesy Anchor

The lounge area in marketing firm Anchor Worldwide's Bogota office is equipped with diner-style booths. Located just steps from the workstations, it's a place to hold meetings, eat lunch, or just hang out.

CREDIT: Courtesy Anchor

Employees are welcome to do their work at the bar, which happens to be fully stocked. The company occasionally hires local bartenders to come mix cocktails for the staff after-hours. 


2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 52 | Three-year growth: 5,417% 
2018 revenue: $42.5M | Location: Lehi, Utah

CREDIT: Courtesy Podium

Founded just five years ago, business software maker Podium moved into a new 400-person headquarters in August 2018. The office features art installations from local artists, and an onsite gym, plus a pickleball court and spaces for yoga and Pilates. 

CREDIT: Courtesy Podium

The igloo-shaped meeting room looks cool, but it's also a great spot to hold a meeting or escape for some alone time without visual distractions.

CREDIT: Courtesy Podium

The fifth-floor bicycle shop pays tribute to the startup's roots: The company's first office was in the attic of a bike store in nearby Provo. One of Podium's mottoes, "Always above the bike shop," reminds the staff to hold on to the startup mindset that's made it successful.

Grove Collaborative

2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 87 | Three-year growth: 3,665% 
2018 revenue: $104.1M | Location: San Francisco

CREDIT: Courtesy Grove Collaborative

As far as work lunches go, you could definitely do worse than eating in Grove Collaborative's rooftop garden overlooking the Bay Bridge. Workers come up here to take breaks, get work done or--in keeping with the company name--check out the lemon grove.

CREDIT: Courtesy Grove Collaborative

One of the more inviting office hideaways you'll see: the "treehouse," which serves as a quiet room and can only be accessed via a spiral staircase.

CREDIT: Courtesy Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative, which makes all-natural home products, moved into its new office in February. The four-story space used to serve as a popcorn factory.


2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 2,668 | Three-year growth: 145% 
2018 revenue: $27.7M | Location: New York City

CREDIT: Courtesy Food52

It's probably not surprising that Food52's Manhattan office feels like a beautifully furnished apartment loft: The food and homegoods website decorates its headquarters with many of the products it sells. Companywide meetings are held on the couches and chairs in the living space. Employees can experiment with new cocktails--or just make the classics--using liquors found on the bar cart.  

CREDIT: Courtesy Food52

The company wouldn't dare publish a recipe on its website without trying it out first--so the test kitchen is where that magic happens. It also serves as a location for product photo shoots and a site for hosting company events.


2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 60 Three-year growth: 4,820.3% 
2018 revenue: $42.4M | Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

CREDIT: Courtesy Pax8

When you're based in the Rocky Mountains, like cloud services startup Pax8 is, a lot of your employees are outdoorsy types. So the company decided to install a rock climbing wall where workers can take a quick break and recharge. 


2019 Inc. 5000 rank: No. 5 | Three-year growth: 18,166.4% 
2018 revenue: $22.5M | Location: Philadelphia

CREDIT: Courtesy Perpay

The co-founders of fintech company Perpay designed their space from the ground up, including the glass-walled meeting room at the heart of its office. Natural light pours in from the skylights, and couches and dining room tables create a warm, homey atmosphere.