At its core, marketing's goal is using messaging to turn emotions into action. Marketing agency Cargo and neuromarketing firm BRANDthro's "The Machine" helped create a continuum, determining the responses certain words elicit from an audience of Millennial Small Business Owners (MSBOs).

On one end of the continuum, negative emotions including hate, sadness, and aversion, and on the other, positive emotions, like desire, joy, and love. In the middle is where we find the level of engagement on the part of the MSBOs. How much do they care about what we're saying? The goal is to turn positive emotions into positive responses: buy, recommend, and advocate. How do marketers do this? Through carefully crafted language.

Cargo and BRANDthro tested The Machine using categories from technology to opportunities to "hot topics." And the output is wording that is designed to trigger the desired response.

This is, however, where The Machine stops and humans jump in, taking words and crafting them into messages and campaigns that capture the eyes and hearts of MSBOs. It's a profound innovation for the future of marketing.

Dan Gliatta, Cargo founder and chief growth officer explains, "This study takes the guesswork out of marketing to Millennial SBOs. Armed with this new knowledge, we can create more powerful messaging for our clients and help them better understand and connect with their MSBO audiences."

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