Ignore the stereotypes

Mocking Millennials has become something of a national pastime. But, in reality, most of the stereotypes don't have much, if any, basis in reality. This is probably why so much marketing toward this demographic doesn't work. It's based on false intel. Cargo and BRANDthro created a targeted study designed to change all of that, with real insights based on facts.

Reduce the guesswork

This new research will help make marketing to Millennial Small Business Owners (MSBOs) less of a shot in the dark. Even with all the best strategists, marketing can be still involve a lot of guesswork. Cargo and BRANDthro's "The Machine" provides some neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI)-based facts--99.9% accurate, they claim--that give marketers a better launching pad when building a campaign.

Watch what you say to Millennials

No, not because they're overly sensitive. Language is powerful stuff that can incite emotion and action. "The Machine" helps Cargo choose their words wisely, and because of it, they see greater success when communicating with this easily misunderstood demo.

If you haven't read this eye-opening, game-changing study, now's the time. Check it out here.